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Re: How to prevent ly:stencil-rotate to modify dimensions

From: Torsten Hämmerle
Subject: Re: How to prevent ly:stencil-rotate to modify dimensions
Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2018 04:40:05 -0700 (MST)

David Kastrup wrote
> Torsten Hämmerle <

> torsten.haemmerle@

> > writes:
> [...]
>> Yes, I know, but this code was meant for text in the first place and it's
>> quite common for slanted characters to stick out of their bounding boxes
>> to
>> the left to the right. Unfortunately, there are no slanted bounding boxes
>> (the are always upright"
>> But the main reason behind is that 
>> \slanted "one two three" 
>> should give the same result as 
>> \slanted { "one" "two" "three" }
> Uh, no?
> \slanted "one two three"
> should likely give the same result as
> \slanted \line { "one" "two" "three" }
> but
> \slanted { "one" "two" "three" }
> is exactly equivalent to
> { \slanted "one" \slanted "two" \slanted "three" }
> and is connected with unslanted spaces.

Sorry for my misleading wording.
When saying "should give the same result" what I really meant was "should
produce the same visual result".
If I had widened the resulting stencil in order to prevent "slanted" text
stick out to the left and the right, this would have resulted in a wider
spacing when applied to separate chunks.

And, additionally, it is perfectly common for a (true) slanted/italic
character to protrude out of its box.

David Kastrup wrote
>> and when separately applying \slanted to "one", "two", and "three", a
>> widened box would lead to a wider spacing.
> This _is_ separately applying \slanted to "one", "two", and "three".

Yes, it certainly is, that's why I mentioned it. But it should not lead to a
wider spacing, exactly like 
\italic "This is a sample text" or \italic \line { This is a sample text }
\italic { This is a sample text }
will have visually identical spacing

All the best,

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