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Re: Double ties: Can't tweak both ties.

From: Arle Lommel
Subject: Re: Double ties: Can't tweak both ties.
Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2018 13:41:36 -0400

Thanks for looking at it, Joe. In this case, that's actually a crescendo hairpin, not a chord. But I see why you took it as the start of a chord. Here’s a slightly longer snippet in context (I’m attaching an image because the color-coding makes it a little easier to see):

Here is the broader context in the score:

So I’ve got three separate instances where it it fails. The first, where it crosses the line break, is the most egregious.

I think I’ve got to find a way to access the second tie, but from the Lilypond documentation, I’m pretty sure this is something that isn’t provided for since the two ties are generated as part of the same musical moment.

I also tried using ~ ~ and applying the tweak, but then I get a message about Lilypond not knowing which one the tweak applies to and it looks the same as this.


On Mar 12, 2018, at 13:27, Joe Davenport <address@hidden> wrote:

it looks like you have the chord for the second tie proposed before the barline as <|

would |< be possible?

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On Mar 12, 2018, at 9:55 AM, Arle Lommel <address@hidden> wrote:

[I hope this doesn’t turn up twice. I’h having trouble sending from another email address and it doesn’t seem that my previous attempt to send this worked. So apologies if it does come through twice from different addresses.]

Hoping someone can help me on this, as I have not found any way to fix this problem, despite trying all sorts of things and searching for anything similar. I have some polyphonic music where some double ties are crashing with notes in another voice. It looks like this:


The relevant code looks like this:

<cis! e>1~ |
<cis! e>1~ \< |

I figured it would be no problem to fix this by tweaking the shape of ties, like so:

<cis! e>1-\shape #'((0 . 0.5) (0 . 2) (0 . 2) (0 . 0))~ |
<cis! e>1-\shape #'((0 . 0.5) (0 . 2) (0 . 2) (0 . 0))~ \< |

But that results in this:

Only the upper tie is reshaped and the bottom stays the same.

I’ve tried all sorts of workarounds. The most promising one was instantiating a separate voice for the top and bottom of the chord, but that led to other problems with collisions between the moving voice and the whole notes, and tweaking the horizontal position of the clashing c-natural has no effect when I’ve got this split into different voices for some reason. I also tried creating a new voice with transparent note heads in it and the ties attached to them, but that led to truly bizarre behaviors with spacing.

So is there a way to tweak the bottom tie and get this working right?


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