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Re: Bug? getting the stencil of the stem removes the beam

From: Thomas Morley
Subject: Re: Bug? getting the stencil of the stem removes the beam
Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2018 19:35:56 +0100

Hi Lucas,

sorry for the late reply

2018-03-16 0:50 GMT+01:00 Lucas Werkmeister <address@hidden>:

> Perhaps we can submit this as an update for the snippet repository? (I’d be
> happy to do the paperwork if you’re okay with it.)
> Not tested beyond the given examples, though.
> FWIW, it seems to work fine in the larger score where I encountered this
> issue (though the situation there isn’t really more complicated than in
> these examples).

In further testings I observed a disadvantage of the approach via

If a user has different sized note-heads in a chord, the zero-value is
not a neutral element.


  \once \override Stem.positioning-done = #(positioning-done '(0 0))
   \tweak style #'slash

To fix it, I think one would need to reimplement (with hooks to
customize the behaviour) the note-head/stem-placing-procedures in
Apart from my lazyness ... it feels like overkill.

Thus I implemented a different code in the lsr-snippet.
Replacing the stencil-calls (only needed for getting the extents) by
the grob-extents.



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