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Producing scores for the diatonic accordion

From: Menu Jacques
Subject: Producing scores for the diatonic accordion
Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2018 18:20:20 +0100

Hello folks,

A friend of mine would like to produce scores with the fingerings for his F 
diatonic accordion.

In the « Score for diatonic accordion » example in the snippets, it is not 
shown how:

AccordionTabTwoCBesDur = {
  % pull 1
  %<f' bes'>8 <f' a'>8 <d' bes'>8 |
  <g'' a''>8 <g'' b''>8 <e'' a''>8 |
  % push 2
  %<g' c''>4 <f' d''> <g' ees''> <f' a'> |
  <g'' a''>4 <d'' eisis''> <g'' bisis''> <d'' f''> |
  % pull 3
  % <f' bes'>2 r8 }
  <g'' a''>2 r8

is derived from:

    \context Voice = "melodyVoi"
      <f' bes'>8 <f' a'>8 <d' bes'>8 |
      <g' c''>4 <f' d''> <g' es''> <f' a'> |
      <f' bes'>2 r8

conv2diaton and jEdit are mentioned in the comments, but that is obscure to me.

Thanks if you can help!


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