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an open question

From: Joe Davenport
Subject: an open question
Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2018 18:08:28 -0700


When another user inquired about composing without midi playback, i found 
encouragement to ask something from the technical side. Maybe i have some 
healthy curiousity about coding language, which follows:

Is it possible to integrate .ly with other musical coding languages? It would 
be very beneficial to write music that integrates the quick engraving of 
lilpond (other software is too slow for me) with the sound fonts and modulation 
of pure data.

i may have read this being used in rosegarden. however, it took time for me to 
integrate .pd with my soundcard- so i could use some pointers or insurance on 
integrating these two languages!

thank you,


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