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Re: Extra space at the beginning of the bar

From: paolo prete
Subject: Re: Extra space at the beginning of the bar
Date: Sun, 25 Mar 2018 12:18:32 +0200

Hello Kieren,

thanks for your help.
Unfortunately yhe first option adds space only after a barline, and not at the measure on the left of the staff,  and the second option doesn't add space if the measure starts with a rest or skip event.

I could use   "\tweak Rest.extra-spacing-width ... " for the rest but I don't know what to apply to a skip event...

How can I fix that?

2018-03-25 4:57 GMT+02:00 Kieren MacMillan <address@hidden>:
Hi Paolo,

> Is there a way to add extra space at the beginning of a bar without overriding the X-offset of the starting notes/rests/chords?
> { .... how to add space here? .....     c' c' c' c' }

Here are two options that avoid X-offset:

\version "2.19.80"
\language "english"

\score {
  \repeat unfold 12 { c'4 }
  \layout {
    \context {
      \override = #'(fixed-space . 12)
      \override = #'(semi-fixed-space . 12.5)

{ \tweak NoteHead.extra-spacing-width #'(-12 . 0) c'4 4 4 4 }

Hope that helps!

Kieren MacMillan, composer
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‣ email: address@hidden

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