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Re: Extra space at the beginning of the bar

From: Paolo Prete
Subject: Re: Extra space at the beginning of the bar
Date: Sun, 25 Mar 2018 17:17:15 +0200

Hello Thomas,

Given that the post events attached to a SkipEvent get parents like PaperColumn and VerticalAxisGroup, I expect that overriding some of these parents' properties shifts the dynamic placed on a skip  event, consequently. But this doesn't happen.
Better said: I don't know which parent could I choose to override in order to shift its children's position properties.


 \override VerticalAxisGroup.X-extent = #'(22 . 0)    
 \override PaperColumn.X-extent = #'(22 . 0)    
 \override VerticalAxisGroup.X-offset = #'(22 . 0)    
 \override PaperColumn.X-offset = #'(22 . 0)    
  s\mf c' c' c'


More generally: is there a way to shift a vertical axis/column, so that associated notes/rests/dynamics/skip-events shift too?
This would be great...

For spacing wishes for single SkipEvents you may use the SpacingSpanner:

  \override Score.SpacingSpanner.spacing-increment = 10
  \revert Score.SpacingSpanner.spacing-increment

Doesn't work if the skip event has a dynamics, or a markup etc. ...



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