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Re: Adding note names to a language

From: Thomas Morley
Subject: Re: Adding note names to a language
Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2018 10:48:27 +0200

2018-03-27 4:05 GMT+02:00 Br. Samuel Springuel <address@hidden>:
> I would like to add the basic solfege note names to the english language
> module so that I can enter music (mostly chant) using solfege and then use
> `\transpose` to adjust its sounding pitch to create a midi file which can be
> used for practice.  So far, I've done this by editing define-note-names.scm
> to add the appropriate lines.  While this works fine locally, it makes for
> files which are not portable.  Is there a way to add pitch names/aliases in
> a more portable fashion (i.e. within the music file itself).

Mixing solfege and english names sounds a little strange, imho.

Though, examples to define and use an own language can be found in and

Leads to below, note: only the method is demonstrated, `myNames' needs
to be extended, ofcourse

myNames = #`(
  (c . ,(ly:make-pitch -1 0 NATURAL))
  (do . ,(ly:make-pitch -1 0 NATURAL))
  (d . ,(ly:make-pitch -1 1 NATURAL))
  (re . ,(ly:make-pitch -1 1 NATURAL))
  (e . ,(ly:make-pitch -1 2 NATURAL))
  (mi . ,(ly:make-pitch -1 2 NATURAL))

pitchnames = \myNames
#(ly:parser-set-note-names pitchnames)

music = { do'4 re' r2 }

\score {
    \new Staff {
        % note the mixing of the solfege names with
        % a traditional english note name in the following line
        \new Voice {
          \transpose do d \music
          \transpose do re \music
    \layout {}
    \midi {
        \tempo 4 = 120


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