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double slurs within beamed notes

From: Lucas Werkmeister
Subject: double slurs within beamed notes
Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2018 00:39:54 +0200
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Hi everyone!

In a composition I’m transcribing, there are double slurs between some notes (see attached image, also uploaded at [1]), and the lower slurs are right next to the note heads, inside the beams – whereas when typeset by LilyPond, the slurs are outside the beams. I’m wondering what the best way is to move the slurs inside the beams.

Searching the internet, I found one prior thread for this issue [2] – but in that case, it turned out that the score actually had a tie and a slur, not a double slur, and after one slur had been turned into a tie, the other slur could be tweaked without difficulty. In my case, however, I’m definitely dealing with a double slur (four different pitches), and I haven’t found a way to tweak the two slur halves independently – if I tweak, for instance, the extra-offset, both parts of the double slur move, which I don’t want.

I did find one workaround, and I’ll describe it just in case someone else with the same problem finds this email later, but it is horrible:

1. Introduce an auxiliary voice with the << { … } \new Voice { … } >> construct.
2. Duplicate the notes in both voices.
3. In the main voice, explicitly point the slur away from the beams (up or down, depending on where the beam is).
4. In the other voice, explicitly point the slur towards the beams (down or up). We have a double slur, but it’s still outside the beam.
5. Still in the other voice, apply \noBeam to the slurred notes. This makes the slur attach directly to the note heads. Our slurs are now where we want them – we just need to get rid of all the auxiliary stuff.
5. \hide the NoteHead in the auxiliary voice. (Don’t \omit it, otherwise the slur won’t position correctly – in one case I even got LilyPond to segfault with \omit.)
6. \omit the Stem and Flag in the auxiliary voice. (In this case, \hide isn’t enough, otherwise the stems in the main voice will be lengthened in an attempt to reduce collisions with the invisible grobs.)
7. Repeat this for every double slur you have.

This hack is awful enough that, as much as I want to reproduce the printed score accurately, I’m not yet sure whether I will end up using it. It’s also not perfect – LilyPond still prints warnings about “too many clashing note columns” (due to the hidden but not omitted NoteHead, I guess).

Does anyone have better ideas? :)



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