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Re: Tweaking individual BassFigures

From: Malte Meyn
Subject: Re: Tweaking individual BassFigures
Date: Sat, 31 Mar 2018 08:26:53 +0200
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Am 31.03.2018 um 00:17 schrieb Simon Albrecht:
Hello everybody,

it is currently not possible to tweak individual BassFigures – this:

\version "2.19.80"
\figures {
   <\single \hide BassFigure 6 3>

gives a

syntax error, unexpected MUSIC_FUNCTION.

How fundamental are the reasons for this?

I’m not an expert but here is what I found:

• A chord of figures creates multiple grobs (<6 4 3> → three BassFigure grobs). • Chords of figures and chords of other music work differently, see parser.yy line 3086ff. • The number part of a bass figure can be an unsigned integer, string, symbol, markup, or scheme expression that is tested to be an unsigned integer or markup, see parser.yy line 3536 and the code below. • Unlike chords of other music, chords of bass figures don’t allow music functions.

So you can do \markup magic (including scheme functions returning markups) here but no \tweaks. I don’t know how easy it would be to change this.

\version "2.19.81"

#(define (invisible num)
   (markup #:transparent #:number #:tiny (number->string num)))

\figures {
  <6 4 3>
  <"6" 4 3>
  % SYMBOL: is this really a symbol or just an unquoted string?
  <z 4 3>
  % full_markup
  <\markup \with-color #red \number \tiny 6 4 3>
  <\markup \transparent \number \tiny 6 4 3>
  % embedded_scm_bare, tested to be unsigned integer or markup
  <#6 4 3>
  <#(markup #:transparent #:number #:tiny "6") 4 3>
  <#(invisible 6) 4 3>

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