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Re: OpenLilyLib with Windows

From: foxfanfare
Subject: Re: OpenLilyLib with Windows
Date: Sun, 1 Apr 2018 06:48:33 -0700 (MST)

Thank you for your quick answer! I allready read this notation reference
page, but I was confused with other articles wich refered to this
openLilyLib stuff...

When I applied your settings  with #(set-global-staff-size 17)  and later
#:factor (/ staff-height pt 20), I find the result a bit strange as all the
music seems to be smaller. Is it the same to put something like :

#(set-global-staff-size 20) / #:factor (/ staff-height pt 22.5) ?

As I said, I started with LP last week and I think I like this software more
and more. I used Sibelius those last years and I was going to buy Dorico but
I thought I could give a try to LP first. And for now I don't regret it!

The fact is that I made in Siblius a well balanced house-style (very
Henle...) with help of all engraving rules options. I feel allready quite
confortable working with text-input on LP in order to write the music, but
creating a new house-style here is very challenging for me! 

For instance I feel like note-heads and stems aren't very well positioned
together... Even with the profondo-default.ily. But a LOT of things would
need some settings to fit my taste (default shape of slurs, lines thickness,
beams damping, ...).

I saw that part of the google summer project you spoke about was mentioning
this house-style thing (Support for Style Sheets). Can I find somewhere some
tutorials or codes in a LP custom score that I could start to work with?

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