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First steps in Lilypond

From: foxfanfare
Subject: First steps in Lilypond
Date: Mon, 2 Apr 2018 04:44:56 -0700 (MST)

Hi everybody,

Instead of spoiling the thread about  OpenLilyLib
I started to ask some questions, I thought better to start a separate thread
in order to ask some of my newbie questions!

I started working on LilyPond last week and I find this software really
interesting, though quite difficult to learn for a start! So, my project
right now is to copy a difficult piano score I made earlier in Sibelius
which would help me to learn this software. I will decide then if I
definitely keep it or if I buy Dorico!

1. Here is a first issue I wasn't able to figure out :

    If I understood well the notation reference guide, when a voice start
crossing staves, LP deactivate the automatic collusion. How can I solve this
hairpin problem? I allready tried to write the dynamic marks either in the
upper staff notes or in a separate dynamic voice, but I can't avoid the

    I'd like to add some space between the two staves but I had the
impression that the chapter 4.4. about Vertical Spacing refers more about a
global layout option but doesn't apply to this situation?

2. House-Style

    Like I already said in my first post, I worked a long time with Sibelius
for wich I configured all the notation rules and made a nice House-Style
(quite similar to Henle). My goal is to do the same here in Lilypond but I'd
like to know if someone has already done something like that which could
help me spare some time? (change all the fonts, the beams damping, lines
thickness, etc. that would look more to this kind of edition). The mutopia
scores I have consulted doesn't seem to change very much those parameters.

Thank you for your precious help!

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