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Custom drum noteHead in define expression

From: Karim Haddad
Subject: Custom drum noteHead in define expression
Date: Tue, 3 Apr 2018 02:25:02 +0200
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Just trying to figure out if this is possible :

When defining  a drum instrument with this expression:

#(define mydrums '(
         (bassdrum        default   #f           -1)
         (snare           default   #f           0)
         (hihat           cross     #f           1)
         (halfopenhihat   cross     "halfopen"   1)
         (pedalhihat      xcircle   "stopped"    2)
         (lowtom          diamond   #f           3)))

Is there a way to define a very custom notehead in the 2nd argumrnt of the list 
such as any other glyph not being a notehead, like per example a pedal glyph 
or any other glyph or even eps ?

I have searched (maybe not too thouroughly) trying to figure this out. Any help 
or idea will be just great. this will prevent me to use an override 
NoteHead.stencil tweak for every note.


Karim Haddad

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