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Issue a key change in Scheme syntax

From: Urs Liska
Subject: Issue a key change in Scheme syntax
Date: Wed, 4 Apr 2018 12:26:13 +0200
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in my infrastructure I have a function that binds

       #(get-meta-option base-path 'key-tonic)
       #(get-meta-option base-path 'key-mode)

but I would like to also change this to Scheme syntax (if it makes any sense after all).

The first call to get-meta-option retrieves a Pitch object, the second a list ((0 . 0) (1 . 0) (2 . 0) (3 . 0) (4 . 0) (5 . 0) (6 . 0)) which had been stored as \major.

Obviously \key expects a pitch and a mode, but \displayMusic { \key d \major } returns




(list (make-music



(list (cons 1 0)

(cons 2 0)

(cons 3 1/2)

(cons 4 0)

(cons 5 0)

(cons 6 0)

(cons 0 1/2))


(ly:make-pitch -1 1))))

where the steps of the scale obviously have already been "transposed" to reflect d major.

Is it possible to write the Scheme function issuing the key change with the pitch and the generic mode as input?

Should I store something else as input instead?

Or should I simply leave it alone and stick to the interspersed LilyPond syntax?

Thanks for any suggestions


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