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Re: The search for an API

From: Mason Hock
Subject: Re: The search for an API
Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2018 07:07:10 -0700
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Is this the sort of thing you're looking for?


On 04/10, Felix D. wrote:
> Hello Lilypond-Fans,
> I have a question: Does Lilypond have an API that can be simply called from
> other programs to render some markup (stored as a string) into a SVG file?
> We want to use Lilypond in an Unity app/game, wich will be used by many
> musicians and thus requires some decent staff rendering. We basically
> program in C#, but there is an easy bridge to interface with C/C++
> libraries. So calling an API should not be a huge problem, but does it even
> exist and is documented somewhere?
> I asked in the IRC a few hors ago, and received a brief "No, it doesn't
> exist". Bit is that really the abrupt end of the story, or is there some
> other possibility to call Lilypond from an external program?
> Cheers
> Felix D.

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