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Re: First steps in Lilypond

From: foxfanfare
Subject: Re: First steps in Lilypond
Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2018 02:13:48 -0700 (MST)

Simon Albrecht-2 wrote
> On 09.04.2018 20:24, foxfanfare wrote:
>> \scaleDurations 2/3 { c16( f' aes \clef treble f'[ d f~] }
> By the way, I use c16*2/3 in such cases.
> Best, Simon

Thanks for the tip! It is indeed very convenient!


I have a new question. I now try to use the /include command to separate my
style sheet, as suggested by some of you. I made two files : "" which
contains the music, and "configuration.ily" for my house-style.

The files are in the same folder and I can get it easily to work on my local

But the problem is when I try to launch the files from my local network
drive (which is very convenient for me in this kind of work).

Here's the error message I get when I include the "configuration.ily" :


Or with the full network path:


What I don't understand, is however Lilypond seems to find my file! :


Would someone know what seems to be the problem with network path?


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