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Re: \include command and local network folders

From: Giampaolo Orrigo
Subject: Re: \include command and local network folders
Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2018 11:58:15 -0400

I had success in doing it, but instead of using IP addresses I mapped the 
remote drive to a logical drive. Maybe you want to try that. 

Giampaolo Orrigo, MBA

> On Apr 12, 2018, at 11:54, foxfanfare <address@hidden> wrote:
> Thanks for your answers.
> In fact, I just found the problem isn't due to the \include command but more
> in the original "ly" file that doesn't work (apparently) when it is placed
> on my NAS! ... even if the directory of the NAS is added in Frescobaldi.
> For exemple: 
> 1. I generate in Frescobaldi a choir template
> 2. I save it on the NAS folder
> 3. I can save the file, but when I try to engrave, I get this error message:
> <> 
> That's a bit problematic since I use different computers at home and I like
> to centralize my work and documents... Would be great if someone has the
> time to make the same test than me on Windows and tell us if the problem is
> mine or in Frescobaldi!
> SoundsFromSound wrote
>> Did you save the file first? Usually on Windows when you engrave a score
>> without saving it first Frescobaldi will print that to your log like in
>> your first PNG file (i.e. Local / AppData / TEMP etc)
>> Also, it looks like Frescobaldi can't find the file, rather than LilyPond.
>> Is the path setup correct?
> The file is saved. I even rebooted Frescobaldi but the ly file on the NAS
> won't engrave!
> BTW, I take the opportunity since I met you on this forum, to thank you
> personnaly for your excellent LilyPond video tutorials on YouTube! Your
> videos conviced me to try this software! I hope you'll continue your serie.
> Best,
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