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Re: Ottava mark: edge dashed line

From: Thomas Morley
Subject: Re: Ottava mark: edge dashed line
Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2018 23:40:46 +0200

2018-04-16 23:31 GMT+02:00 foxfanfare <address@hidden>:
> Noeck wrote
>> As I said, I think it’s a question where the line starts: on the left or
>> on the right and then it’s kind of luck how they meet in the corner.
> I see what your means.

I don't. Though, there were other cases where I noticed similar.
Thus, while coding draw-dashed/dotted-line-markup-commands I
implemented the 'full-length-property (#t per default) to ensure the
line never ends with space.
You can ofcourse set it #f to gain space, if desired.
The line-styles defined in C++ , which are used in
OttavaBracket.stencil lack this feature.

> But even if the line started on right, you'll get the
> same problem at the left then no? The distance from the "8" text will vary.
> But maybe it is something you accomodate better.
> Could not it be more easy to just change the dash period a bit in order to
> get it done?

All you can do. But tedious and needs readjusting every time layout changes.


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