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Re: Ottava mark: edge dashed line

From: Carl Sorensen
Subject: Re: Ottava mark: edge dashed line
Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2018 21:45:21 +0000
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On 4/16/18, 3:31 PM, "foxfanfare" <address@hidden> wrote:

    Noeck wrote
    > As I said, I think it’s a question where the line starts: on the left or
    > on the right and then it’s kind of luck how they meet in the corner.
    I see what your means. But even if the line started on right, you'll get the
    same problem at the left then no? The distance from the "8" text will vary.
    But maybe it is something you accomodate better.
    Could not it be more easy to just change the dash period a bit in order to
    get it done?

The slur dash code does just that, IIRC.  It goes from 0 to 1 on the t-value of 
the Bezier, and makes sure that the end of the slur is always a full solid part.

I haven't looked at the ottava bracket code, but it seems like it ought to be 
able to do the same, since it's a spanner like the slur is.


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