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Stanzas over staves

From: Helge Kruse
Subject: Stanzas over staves
Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2018 20:56:00 +0200
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I am starting a small project for a harp trio. The score is in most part
"just" harp music. But in some measure one of the players shall recite
some text of the literary source. Example:

measure 1: some notes
measure 2: text: This is the story of Max and Moritz
measure 3: some notes
measure 4: text: Moritz
measure 5,6: more notes
measure 7: text AH, how oft we read or hear of Boys we almost stand in
fear of! For example, take these stories of two youths, named Max and
Moritz (as stack of lines)
measure 8-20: many notes

This is different from lyrics to a song since there
- is no melody, even no rythm, for the syllables
- is not sufficient space to write this outside the staves
- are multiple lines to place at (to stack)

Do you have a snippet where something similar has already been
implemented or some hint how I can approach this?

One approach would be to spread empty measures and to add the text
manually or with some glue and additional paper. This leads to the
question how to stretch an empty measure?

But it would be nice to enter the text in the Lilypond score.

Best regards

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