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Make TOC entries available to LaTeX

From: Urs Liska
Subject: Make TOC entries available to LaTeX
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2018 16:19:49 +0200
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Hi all,

I'm preparing an automated edition process using LuaLaTeX, Pandoc and LilyPond.

After some experimentation I have come to the conclusion that I'll have to insert the multi-movement score as a single PDF created by LilyPond (but through lyluatex to make use of caching and the layout mechanics).

I first had used lyluatex's facility to include the score's system by system and print all the titles with LaTeX, but this didn't work out - for the first time I realized that makes the vertical staff-staff spacing as tight as possible, which often makes the page layout pretty bad. Creating the movements separately is not an option either because not all movements will start on a new page.

So now I have included a multi-movement score in the LaTeX document and don't know how to add TOC entries (in LaTeX) for the movements. I can see two possible ways, but don't know if they are really possible and if so how to approach them:

  • Is it possible to insert something in the PDF output that LaTeX can pick up as TOC entries?
    (actually I doubt this is possible, but since it would be the easiest way I thought I'd ask anyway)
  • Can I reliably retrieve the current page number of a given score's title block?
    With that information I could write them to a log file and read that later in LaTeX.


PS: I don't know if it matters but the file is produced using ly:book-process etc.

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