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Re: \include command and local network folders

From: Knute Snortum
Subject: Re: \include command and local network folders
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2018 06:45:45 -0700

On Sun, Apr 22, 2018 at 5:48 PM, David Wright <address@hidden> wrote:
On Sun 15 Apr 2018 at 03:42:16 (-0700), foxfanfare wrote:
> David Wright wrote
> > It might be worth posting screenshots of Fresco failing with correctly
> > specified filenames, particularly if you want to report a bug.
> >
> > What happens if you run your test file directly from LP, both .ly
> > and .ily files—does that work correctly? If so, there may be a
> > problem with how filenames are passed around in Fresco.
> > I don't know how you do system call tracing in windows, particularly
> > from a GUI. That's one for windows users.
> As suggested, I have conducted some tests in order to know a bit more about
> the rendering problem in Lilypond. And I found some things weird!
> Here are my test conditions:
> - Windows 10 (I tested this on two computers, Home Edition & Professional
> Edition)
> - Lilypond version: 2.18.2 (I also had the same results with the latest
> 2.19.81, but I prefered post here the logs of the stable version in case it
> was beta related)
> - Conditions:
> 1. I have generated the "A scale in LilyPond" default first score and save
> it as ""
> 2. I will use two types of rendering the score:
>       a) drag & drop the *.ly file on the "LilyPond" shortcut created
> automatically on Windows
>       b) double click directly on the *.ly file
> 3. In each cases, I get the log.txt, but the creation of the *.PS and its
> conversion to *.PDF vary according to the source folders.

The only problem with these tests, which are useful in themselves,
is that drag & drop and double-click won't be the methods by which
Fresco starts running LP. In addition, what they do do is AIUI a
function of the desktop. One advantage you do have is that (also
AIUI) windows only has one flavour of desktop, unlike say linux.


> 1. Beta test with the original file saved on the desktop:
>       a) Drag & Drop the file (it works)
>       b) Double click on the file (it works)
> 2. Moving the on my local d:\ drive
>       a) Drag & Drop the file (doesn't work)
>       b) Double click on the file (works)
> 3. Accessing a distant folder by its IP adress:
>       a) Drag & Drop the file (doesn't work)
>       b) Double Click on the file (doesn't work)
> 4. Accessing a distant folder by its server name
>       a) Drag & Drop the file (doesn't work)
>       b) Double Click on the file (doesn't work)
> 5. Accessing a distant folder after mapping it in Windows (Z:\):
>       a) Drag & Drop the file (doesn't work)
>       b) Double Click on the file (works)
> So, here are some basic conclusions:
> 1. Drag & Drop a *.ly file on the LilyPond shortcut (as suggested in the
> first automatically generated score), doesn't work AT ALL... Except when the
> file was on the desktop with the shortcut.
> 2. Accessing a distant folder on Windows works ONLY after mapping the same
> folder with a drive letter.
> 3. The problem isn't Frescobaldi but LilyPond itself.
> I hope some of you can confirm or infirm my own tests and that those can
> help opening a bug report.

Perhaps some windows users will oblige…


lilypond-user mailing list

My tests on Windows 10 indicate that lilypond.exe can't handle UNC notation.  This is true even of a local file.

First I "type" the file (Windows version of "cat") and it works fine with UNC.  Then I try to launch LilyPond with the same file name and it can't find the file.

*** Start command line
>type \\KNUTE-HP\Users\Knute\Desktop\
\version "2.19.81"

{ c'4 d' e' f' }
>lilypond \\KNUTE-HP\Users\Knute\Desktop\
GNU LilyPond 2.19.81
warning: cannot find file: `\\KNUTE-HP\Users\Knute\Desktop\'
fatal error: failed files: "\\\\KNUTE-HP\\Users\\Knute\\Desktop\\"
*** End command line

Knute Snortum
(via Gmail)

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