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New to Lilypond - Questions about using Python to structure Lilypond sco

From: Garreth
Subject: New to Lilypond - Questions about using Python to structure Lilypond scores
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2018 10:10:06 -0700 (MST)

I am brand new to Lilypond (and Frescobaldi), like a couple of days new. I am
a music theory professor looking to use some computer skills I have (I know
some Python) to aid my teaching and research. I am sorry if this is a really
basic question, or if it's been answered elsewhere in these forums. I tried
to find an answer but didn't find one that made a lot of sense to me.

Here are my questions:

Can one write programs in Python that will then structure and launch scores
in Frescobaldi/Lilypond? Specifically, I would like to write algorithms in
Python that, given parameters I am working on programming, can write scores
that can then be translated to and launched in Lilypond/Frescobaldi?

Could one conceivably go the other way, somehow send a Lilypond document to
a Python program that can "grade" and "evaluate" the score in ways that I am
working on programming?

I am not looking for a lot of depth at this point. I basically just want to
know if these scenarios are possible. I don't want to spend a whole lot of
time learning programs (like Lilypond and Frescobaldi) if my end goal simply
isn't possible.

Thank you so much for helping an sorry again if this has been covered


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