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Re: Slurs do not work with Larsen articulations

From: Robert Hickman
Subject: Re: Slurs do not work with Larsen articulations
Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2018 18:35:27 +0100

In the context of the Learning Manual, pitches and durations are
introduced in section 1.2.1.  It seems like it would be unfriendly to
clutter that section with a discussion about modifications coming
after the note.

The problem with this attitude is that it is a website and people will
enter it using search terms, and could enter from *any* page. Taking a
linier approach 'it has been ecxplained elsewhere' does not work.
Often people are time pressured (I am very time pressured), and simply
want to be able to search for and solve their current problem as
quicly as possible. I think this is a big part of why StackOverflow is
so successful, the answers are almost always given in context.

I am currently writing a website which discusses the capabilities of
the Italian ocarina. Many pages duplicate content or say 'please read
page xyz first' because I recognise that people will enter the site
from any page and I cannot make any assumptions about what they
already know.

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