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Schenkerian analysis diagram

From: Jérôme Plût
Subject: Schenkerian analysis diagram
Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2018 23:48:37 +0200
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I tried to do a few analysis diagrams following the LinuxJournal
example (quoted on the lilypond examples page):

(and also quite outdated, since it was written for Lilypond 2.6).

I think I have a proof of concept (see attached file)
for a version that is simpler to type than the LinuxJournal example
(it now preserves information locality: I do not need to enter any
note more than once).

The way I do this is by attaching “extra data” to notes, as
articulations, indicating how to draw them in the graph, such as:
\white - draw a white note head on this note
\beamR - beam to the right (and add a white note head if none defined)
\slurAL - slur to the right and above (and add a black note head if
none defined). Then some Scheme function parses this and blows out the
music to several voices in the same way as in the LJ example.

And now I have a question. For simplicity of entry (and readability of
source code), I would really really like to have shortcuts in the
style of dashHat, dashPlus etc. Namely, instead of \white, \black,
\beam, \beamR, \slurAL I would prefer (for example) -o, -*, -|, -[, -(

Would a patch to the C code enabling such shortcuts be envisageable?
(I don't see them interfering too much with what exists now, since
they only raise syntax errors now).

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