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Re: Spacer Rests Global Problem

From: David Wright
Subject: Re: Spacer Rests Global Problem
Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2018 11:40:29 -0500
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On Thu 26 Apr 2018 at 08:21:24 (-0700), Mark Stephen Mrotek wrote:
> You have 
> s1*4 \tempo "Largo" s1*3 \tempo "Allegro"
> inside the \global. It shall start all parts. Remove it
> You can change tempo with the \tempo command attached to a specific note.

Not good advice. Better to understand where to place \global
for best effect. If you mark up one part's notes with tempos,
then you can't produce separate scores for other individual
instruments unless you mark them up too, in which case you've
now got to maintain a lot of duplicate cade.

The \global is better placed in the \score section, inside the
<< >> so that it is simultaneous with the parts.

> S8*3 creates an eight note spacer three times. It is the same as s8 s s.

It might be worth reading this thread if you think this.

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> Subject: Spacer Rests Global Problem


> \score {
>   <<

Place the \global here, as if it's just another part.

>     \celloPart
>     \pianoPart
>   >>
>   \layout { }
> }


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