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Re: spacer rest *

From: Gianmaria Lari
Subject: Re: spacer rest *
Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2018 22:56:31 +0200

On 27 April 2018 at 15:44, David Wright <address@hidden> wrote:
Well, I don't know how the decision was arrived at, but my own view is
that it's the correct one. The duration-only notation is aimed at
people writing rhythms, and they write them for instruments that play
notes (and pseudonotes like snare above). They don't compose rythmic
riffs for rests and spacers.

Yes, I understand the advantage for people writing rhythms.

On 27 April 2018 at 15:45, Simon Albrecht <address@hidden> wrote:

Even if David K. says that could be changed, I find the current behaviour pretty clear and sensible from my experience.

Yes, the behavior is definitely very clear. And when you know it, it also easy!

The disadvantage is that introduce one exception and the exception has to be specified in the manual. But when you start learning something new, you concentrate on essentials things not on details/exceptions. Don't know if other people work the same but this is how does it works for me.

I'm not saying exceptions should be banned but introducing an exception make things a bit "more difficult" and this have to be considered. I'm speaking for me and in general terms. I have no idea if, in this specific case, the advantages of this behaviour are greater than the disadvantages.


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