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Re: Intervals enharmony question

From: Torsten Hämmerle
Subject: Re: Intervals enharmony question
Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2018 10:50:01 -0700 (MST)

Jacques Menu Muzhic wrote
> Do I get it right that this is key-independent too for the diminished
> fifth of E flat?

Salut Jacques,

Yes, a diminished E flat chord will always be a diminished E flat chord,
consisting of the notes E flat + G + B doubleflat. no matter what key you're
And it's quite important to use the correct notation, because the harmonic
content is much more obvious then.
I just recently learned about the nice German didactic word
"Schneemann-Akkord" (snowman chord), describing a triad in root position:
Three note heads piled up like a snowman. ;)
If you apply any enharmonic change, the visually easy-to-grasp triad form
will be lost. The (jazz) principle of building chords by stacking thirds is
relying on, well, the thirds and the system would be broken by shoving in a
second (B-A is a second).

An exception may be orchestral parts (as mentioned by Lukas).
On the one hand, many (non-professional) players of monophonic instruments
often prefer an easy-to-read line avoiding "unnecessary" double accidentals
and do not care very much about the harmonic role they play in the overall
On the other hand, it is desirable to write down the notes as they are

All the best,

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