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Re: Intervals enharmony question

From: Malte Meyn
Subject: Re: Intervals enharmony question
Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2018 21:47:45 +0200
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Am 30.04.2018 um 21:32 schrieb Hans Åberg:
One has to adapt the pitch on every note played, and the reference is typically 
the string section, which in turn is tuned in Pythagorean,

Many string players tune their perfect fifths a bit small so that they’re near to equal temperament (700 ct) or even smaller instead of just (702 ct).

but can adapt into 5-limit Just Intonation if the music played follows the 
Traditional Harmony rules.

They could, yes. But I think that most intonation in choir and orchestra is not just intonation but more or less an approximation; for example leading notes are often played higher than just because they have more of the leading character then. And just intonation has other problems that make it impractical.

That becomes more difficult in distant keys.

Why should it? Just intonation works in every key.

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