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Score and parts with global variable

From: Andrew Bernard
Subject: Score and parts with global variable
Date: Sun, 4 Nov 2018 21:37:17 +1100

After a long time using lilypond, for solo instrumental music exclusively, now setting a string quartet for the first time and needing score and parts. I confess that I am confused about using a global variable for tempo indications and so on and so forth. Two newbie questions.


In the NR template for a SQ with part this is given:

music = {
    \tag #'score \tag #'vn1
    \new Staff \with { instrumentName = "Violin 1" }
    << \global \Violinone >>

    \tag #'score \tag #'vn2
    \new Staff \with { instrumentName = "Violin 2" }
    << \global \Violintwo>>

    \tag #'score \tag #'vla
    \new Staff \with { instrumentName = "Viola" }
    << \global \Viola>>

    \tag #'score \tag #'vlc
    \new Staff \with { instrumentName = "Cello" }
    << \global \Cello >>

I am unable to understand why the \global information does not print four times. How does this work? The template by the way does not give example code for the \global variable.


I want to have parts that also contain all the tempo indications and markup in the  \global variable. It's beyond me how to make this happen. When I add \global to the parts I get an extra unwanted staff.

I have not provided an MWE because all my code is simply rubbish at this stage and I don't want to waste people's time looking at it. I just need some conceptual guidance I think. I searched the user archives to the best of my ability and there are threads that partially touch on this but I am none the wiser.

For now I want to stick with the tag approach rather than the edition engraver, unless what I want can't be done that way.


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