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Adjusting angle of glissando

From: Andrew Bernard
Subject: Adjusting angle of glissando
Date: Thu, 8 Nov 2018 20:31:27 +1100

My colleague wants a glissando on an angle down from the first note to the last in the typical example of his work attached.

How can one adjust the endpoints of a glissando? I looked everywhere to no avail.

While we are here, I am told that this is stock standard and common notation. Is it actually (esp, having to make the hack with a grace note at the end)?

Sorry the MWE cant be shorter, but it needs to be this ling to show to the full context. The musical problem the engraver faces of course, as opposed to a man with a pencil, is that C# and C are at the same level, and he wants the angle to show the slope down in pitch (I remain unconvinced.)



\version "2.19.82"

glissandoSkipOn = {
  \override NoteColumn.glissando-skip = ##t
  \hide NoteHead
  \override = ##t

glissandoSkipOff = {
  \revert NoteColumn.glissando-skip
  \undo \hide NoteHead

  \time 1/4
  \clef bass
  \tuplet 3/2 {
    \glissandoSkipOn cis,16
  \tuplet 3/2 {
    \grace { \once \override Stem.transparent = ##t c,!8 }


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