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Getting context-definiton, while being in applyContext

From: Thomas Morley
Subject: Getting context-definiton, while being in applyContext
Date: Sun, 18 Nov 2018 18:23:14 +0100


consider the code below. I'd like to restrict usage to Staff-like
contexts, i.e. Staff, Tab- and DrumStaff, etc would be ok, but
container-contexts like StaffGroup, etc should lead to return '().


\new Staff(Group)
  \with {
     #(lambda (context)
       (if <condition>
           ;; Do something, if we are in a Staff-like context
           ;;   Multiple Bottom-contexts may happen
           (lambda (x) ...)
           ;; Do nothing if we are are in container-contexts like ChoirStaff,
           ;; StaffGroup, etc
{ c''1 }

I thought the <condition> could be "Do I have the Staff_symbol_engraver?"
Though, how to code?
     #(lambda (context)
       (ly:context-def-lookup context 'consists))
does not work, because 'context' is not a context-definition.

Any hint how to proceed would be great.


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