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Parenthesized second key signature

From: Tyler Mitchell
Subject: Parenthesized second key signature
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2018 00:56:00 -0800
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I'm trying to figure out how to add a "parenthesized" second key
signature to my music, something like this:

I experimented with adding two \key commands one after the other,
but I get the error: warning: Two simultaneous key-change events, junking this 

The following comes somewhat close, though there's a bit of an
undesirable gap between the two key signatures; and I can't figure
out how to increase the size of the parentheses; and I have to use
the 'second' key signature throughout to avoid a lot of unneeded
accidentals; and I wouldn't be able to use a time signature, as it
would be stuck between these two key signatures.

\version "2.18.2"

\relative c'' {
  \key a \major
  \once\override NoteHead.stencil = ##f 
  \once\override Stem.stencil = ##f 
  % Doesn't seem to have any effect:
  \override ParenthesesItem.font-size = #5
  \key aes \major

\layout { \context { \Staff printKeyCancellation = ##f \remove 
Time_signature_engraver } }

Any suggestions for how I should approach this?

A "stretch goal" would be to have accidentals handled automatically
in the same way, eg:

But this seems a bit more involved (and unneeded, at least

Many thanks,

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