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Control over midi output

From: Mr Tim
Subject: Control over midi output
Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2018 09:33:44 -0500

Hi all,  I'm trying to use Lilypond to create midi files to be played by an organ and I'm having difficulty getting it formatted the way it needs to be.

1) The midi file needs to be type 0 (everything in one track--the first one). This is very common for driving instruments since it's simpler and cost less to develop.

2) I'm looking to control which channels are used instead of having Lilypond assign them.  The note events will be in the first 4 channels, but I will not always create sequential channels.  I may just want all the note events in channel 2, or maybe just 1 and 4.

These first 2 items will get me pretty far but I will still need to do one a couple more things:

3) I need to send program (instrument/patch) change events on channel 11 which controls the organ stops.  No notes will be on 11, just the program changes.

4) I need to be able to embed a Sysex command at the beginning and end of the file which tells the organ to clear all stops.

I've tried using the midi channel mapping. It ended up still type 1 file, setting all the note events to channel 0, and using the channel prefix (incorrectly) at the beginning of the track to set the channel which would not help even if it worked correctly.  By incorrectly, I mean it's sending the meta event 0xFF 0x21 0x01 followed by the channel number.  It should be 0xFF 0x20 0x01... according to the MIDI spec.  anyway, it would not work as I said since I need type 0 which sinks that ship at the dock. Not to mention the organ may not even accept that meta event since it doesn't record that way.

Any ideas?

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