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Raising fingerings

From: Emilio Millan
Subject: Raising fingerings
Date: Sun, 9 Dec 2018 09:17:58 -0700 (MST)

I'm using fingerings for some above-the-staff harmonica notation. They are
working well for this purpose but there is one bit of fine tuning I'd like
to do if possible. In the example below, the fingerings are well-placed but
the "G4" and "A4" are a bit higher to appropriately avoid the note stems. Is
there a way to increase the default distance between the top of the staff
and the fingerings so that "C4" through "E5" would all be colinear?



\version "2.19.82"

  \override Fingering.font-encoding = #'latin1
  \override Fingering.font-size = #-2
  \override Fingering.font-series = #'bold
  c' \finger "C4"
  d' \finger "D4"
  e' \finger "E4"
  f' \finger "F4"
  g' \finger "G4"
  a' \finger "A4"
  b' \finger "B4"
  c'' \finger "C5"
  d'' \finger "D5"
  e'' \finger "E5"
  f'' \finger "F5"
  g'' \finger "G5"
  a'' \finger "A5"
  b'' \finger "B5"
  c''' \finger "C6"

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