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Re: Fatal error compiling large project (Win10/2.19.82)

From: Saul Tobin
Subject: Re: Fatal error compiling large project (Win10/2.19.82)
Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2018 21:26:28 -0800

Thanks so much for the confirmation. A couple questions:

1) Is there a technical obstacle or other reason preventing a Windows 64-bit build?
2) Is it possible to run Lilypond under WSL from Frescobaldi?

On Tue, Dec 18, 2018 at 8:36 PM Aaron Hill <address@hidden> wrote:
On 2018-12-18 7:24 pm, Saul Tobin wrote:
> It looks like the Fatal realloc error happens after the score finishes
> compiling while it's being written to a temporary file. At that point,
> the
> Lilypond process is using ~1.8 G of RAM. Is it possible I'm running
> into a
> 32 bit size limitation in Guile or something like that?

Very likely.  There have been a number of issues reported before
regarding memory pressure.  The Windows build of LilyPond is 32-bit
only.  Also, I do not believe it is "large-address aware" either, so
that means the address space is strictly 2GiB.  When you factor in DLLs
and other resources, 1.8GiB is probably a reasonable upper bound for the
working set.

Due to a number of factors (bit-ness being one of them), I switched to
using the 64-bit Linux build of LilyPond, running it under the Windows
Subsystem for Linux (WSL).  This strategy, however, is not for the faint
of heart.  You can search the mailing list for some posts I made on the
subject; but if you are not already using WSL, it may not make sense to
set it up just for LilyPond.

To work within the limits of the existing Windows build, you will
ultimately have to simplify the score in some way.  Manually segmenting
it could allow you to compile each section without running out of
memory, leaving you with the (hopefully) trivial task of stitching
together the individual outputs into a single result.

-- Aaron Hill

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