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Re: Fatal error compiling large project (Win10/2.19.82)

From: Michael Gerdau
Subject: Re: Fatal error compiling large project (Win10/2.19.82)
Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2018 11:17:56 +0100 (CET)

> Not really.
> What I *can* say is this:
>   * LilyPond installations are registered in Frescobaldi by pointing to
>     their executable.
>   * Frescobaldi calculates a path relative to that executable and adds
>     that to the library path in the LilyPond process's environment
> I have no idea how invoking external scripts works with the WSL, so I 
> can't comment any further, but as said, Frescobaldi is only looking for 
> an absolute path to the executable.

I seriously doubt that Frescobaldi could run WSL lilypond w/o being run itself 
from inside WSL.

W/r to the question about using mingw64 to create the windows build:
You'd have to replace a whole lot of libraries with their 64bit counterpart. 
Last time I looked (possibly 1.5 years ago) that would have required porting a 
few libraries for which at that time the 64bit version did not yet exist.

Things may have changed but my expectation is, someone will have to actually do 
the porting to make it happen.

Kind regards,
Michael Gerdau email: address@hidden
GPG-keys available on request or at public keyserver

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