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Re: Fatal error compiling large project (Win10/2.19.82)

From: Michael Gerdau
Subject: Re: Fatal error compiling large project (Win10/2.19.82)
Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2018 12:56:07 +0100 (CET)

> How does one launch Linux programs then? Is that some specific "WSL Shell" 
> that you start and then have a bash or something? And this does mean theWSL 
> can only be used to do stuff on the Linux command line, no way to use Linux 
> commands triggered from Windows applications?


As the name suggests, it is a (complete?) subsystem. As Aaron said you'd have 
to install a Linux version of Frescobaldi that runs inside the subsystem. Yes 
that's possible but I'd say in that case you're better of with a Linux system 
in a VM.

> Is there something like a $PATH to look for Linux commands?

No, at least not that I'm aware. There is quite some environment setup and 
switching required. After all inside the WSL you have a complete Linux runtime 
environment. Inside the WSL you can run regular Linux commands as opposed to 
Linux executables specifically prepared for this environment (ala cygwin).

The WSL comes in many different Linux distro flavours. However IMO it is not a 
replacement for a proper Linux system. Even a local Linux VM is better suited 
for most tasks IMO.

Kind regards,
Michael Gerdau email: address@hidden
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