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Re: Fatal error compiling large project (Win10/2.19.82)

From: Urs Liska
Subject: Re: Fatal error compiling large project (Win10/2.19.82)
Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2018 18:01:24 +0100
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Am 19.12.18 um 17:12 schrieb Michael Gerdau:
The Windows program "wsl.exe" is the interop program that ties things
together.  You can call it and pass it a command to be executed within
the WSL environment.

So, while I can simply say "lilypond" in a WSL shell, under a Windows
shell I need to say "wsl lilypond" to have the same effect.  Note then
that I am technically running "wsl.exe", not "lilypond"; but "lilypond"
will end up a child process of "wsl.exe" with standard input/output
properly routed.
Interesting... cd'd into a directory with simpl LP files and there issued
wsl -e lilypond --
and it worked!
[upon reading further I realize, you already wrote that]

I already had the linux version of LP installed on my maschine and sometimes 
use it from within a WSL bash shell.

[stuff on paths and mount points snipped]

…which is rather wordy, but would get the job done.  For Frescobaldi,
however, we'd would likely need an intermediate script that translates
file paths.  But this is probably non-trivial, as there are a few cases
where paths could show up and need conversion (e.g.
"-dinclude-settings=" would need to be handled).
I think that should not be a problem since Frescobaldi composes the cmdline 
anyway and does know all the bits and pieces. After all on windows Frescobaldi 
invokes the windows version of lily in a separate process already.

Indeed, it's not a real problem to compose a special command line for WSL Windows - if we know exactly how it should look like.
Testing would be a little bit awkward, though


(Side note: I mainly use Bash on Windows, which follows the "proper" way
to work with paths.
That's exactly my main use of WSL too.

Kind regards,

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