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Re: Frescobaldi with LilyPond in WSL

From: Michael Gerdau
Subject: Re: Frescobaldi with LilyPond in WSL
Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2018 09:37:42 +0100

>> I'm on a 64bit Windows 10, the copy commands needs to be:
>> cp /c/Program\ Files\ \(x86\)/Frescobaldi/...
> Do you think it would be sufficient to state something like "adjust paths to 
> your actual installation"?

Given that 64Bit is likely to be the rule I’d suggest to have that as default 
and have a note stating „On 32bit Systems use...“

Once the GUP toolchain is able to create 64Bit binaries it could be changed 

> The first milestone is having Frescobaldi run from Git at all (which you can 
> see from the "Git" menu appearing between "Session" and "Help").

That milestone has been reached 😊

[time constraint]
That’s fine. I’m happy to do some hacking myself. While my python could use 
some enhancement I’m fluent in Perl and a few other languages so I think I’m 
fine with some basic experiments.

If you already know which files I should look at that would give me a 
headstart. Otherwise I’ll find that myself.

Kind regards,

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