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Re: feathered beam calculations

From: Reggie
Subject: Re: feathered beam calculations
Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2018 11:28:41 -0700 (MST)

Aaron Hill wrote
> At the end of the day, there is no real need to use any math for the 
> \featherDurations moment.  Any positive rational less than one will 
> produce an accelerando, while fractions greater than one generate a 
> ritardando.  The best thing to do is to listen to the MIDI output and 
> determine if it sounds right to your ear.
> I said earlier we would talk about bar checks *within* the feathered 
> sequence of notes.  Consider the following addition to our example:
>      << { r64 \featherDurations #(ly:make-moment 2/1)
>               { c32*127/14[ d e f g a | b] } }
>         { r64 \featherDurations #(ly:make-moment 2/1)
>               { c32*63/12[ d e f g a] } | b1 }
>         { r64 { c64 d32 e16 f8 g4 a2 } | b1 } >>
> You'll see that the 'b' is included within the beamed notes.  Because we 
> now have seven notes covering the period of two measures less one 64th, 
> we had to adjust our scaling fraction to 127/14.  However, what is most 
> important is that \featherDurations fixes the timing of the notes to 
> allow the inside bar check to pass.  Omit it, and you'll see that the 
> bar check fails.  But also try changing the 2/1 moment to anything else, 
> and the bar check will also fail.
> What we have here is a very fragile element in the score that can be 
> easily avoided by never requiring any note (apart from the first) within 
> a feathered sequence to align to anything else.  The final 'b' above 
> should properly be outside the feathered sequence (or possibly start a 
> new sequence of its own).  In this way, the math to ensure all of the 
> sequences have the right lengths can be done completely independent of 
> \featherDurations.
> Hopefully some of this will be helpful.
> -- Aaron Hill
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I read every word. Thank you huge for making that post. Bloody well done. 
But it's sad now. Because according to Harm I believe he said it's not
always reliable if the spacing will be what you want, so to speak. But it
just counts the durations themselves. Spacing is a side effect of sorts.
Never 100% certain correct spacing.

So which can it be? This is so confusing. Sometimes spacing looks correct.
But sometimes I try every number combination I can and the notes don't
budge. Ratio not making a difference. 

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