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Re: Whole measure rest in 9/4 time

From: Malte Meyn
Subject: Re: Whole measure rest in 9/4 time
Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2018 10:31:59 +0100
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Am 30.12.18 um 10:21 schrieb Andrew Bernard:
Hi David,

What does usable-duration-logs mean? The NR internals section says:

usable-duration-logs (list):
'(-3 -2 -1 0)
List of duration-logs that can be used in typesetting the grob.

This says which rests can be used for a whole measure (depending on its length).

-3 maxima
-2 longa
-1 breve (that’s default for 9/4 time)
0 whole/semibreve
1 half/minim
2 quarter/crotchet
3 eighth/quaver

Normally, you wouldn’t use positive logs (rest durations shorter than whole) even for shorter measures like 3/8. But longer measures like 4/2 or 9/4 will get longer rest durations because negative logs are allowed. Setting usable-duration-logs to '(0) allows only whole rests for measures of all lengths.

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