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Re: The composition process doesn't get disrupted using Lily Pond?

From: Vaughan McAlley
Subject: Re: The composition process doesn't get disrupted using Lily Pond?
Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2018 17:32:34 +1100

On Mon, 31 Dec 2018, 04:29 Yakir Arbib <address@hidden wrote:
Dear list,

First of all, happy New Year to everybody!

I wanted to ask you a more general question related to composition and LilyPond:

Can anyone here who is a composer and uses LilyPond to compose give me
some little insight about the process?

I mean if you are composing for more than one stave (I.E. piano and
cello or string quartet) how do you keep track of the music if each
stave has to be coded separately?

Do you composers use Lily only after you notate the pieces on regular
paper, or is it possible to make some sort of easier structure in Lily
to make sense of a multi-instrument piece of music so your composition
process is not constantly being interrupted by technicalities?

I am visually impaired and don't have a primary way of notating the
music "for myself" first.  Any tips would be incredibly appreciated!!

Thank you very much and all the best in music!


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I usually have a pretty good idea of the music before it goes to Lilypond. Only final touches happen later.

Would it be useful for you to work in a MIDI sequencer, and then use midi2ly to get it into Lilypond?


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