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Re: Overrun of right margin

From: Jean Bréfort
Subject: Re: Overrun of right margin
Date: Sat, 19 Jan 2019 09:52:51 +0100
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Looks like a rythm error. Somewhere a duration is wrong and then notes
go through the bars. In that case lilypond does not know where the
break should be inserted.

Hope this helps,

Le samedi 19 janvier 2019 à 19:39 +1100, Andrew Bernard a écrit :
> I have some fairly dense scoring, but not immensely packed. Using A4
> landscape, I find one page - only one - keeps running over the right
> margin. I have not see that before and I am not sure how to construct
> an MWE, and the score is too large to post.
> What conditions would cause this behaviour? I don't know what to look
> for or what I am doing wrong, just business as usual as far as the
> engraving is concerned I would have thought.
> Using 2.19.82.
> I was unable so far to find any discussion of this in the archives.
> Maybe my search terms are incorrect, or is this very unusual?
> Andrew
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