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Re: Maxima...

From: Thomas Morley
Subject: Re: Maxima...
Date: Sat, 19 Jan 2019 12:30:48 +0100

Hi Mark,

Am Sa., 19. Jan. 2019 um 02:32 Uhr schrieb Mark Probert <address@hidden>:

> However, being a newbie to this package, when I
> have a problem, or a perceived problem, I can either ask
> on this forum or not.

Nothing wrong with asking on this list.
Pretty often some weaknesses or eaven bugs become known in the code or
documentation this way.

> My post is about a non-intuitive
> feature--Why the rest and not the note?--that is not clearly
> documented ("If you need a maxima/large use Baroque note heads,
> there is no maxima notes in the standard set").

Well, it _is_ documented, imho
starts with
"The durations of notes are entered using numbers and dots. The number
entered is based on the reciprocal value of the length of the note.
For example, a quarter note is designated using the numerical value of
4 as it is a 1/4 note, a half note using 2, an eighth using 8 and so
on. Durations as short as 128 notes can be entered but shorter values,
while possible, can only be entered as beamed notes. [1] Also see

For notes longer than a whole use the \longa – double breve – and
\breve commands. A note with the duration of a quadruple breve is
possible using the \maxima command but is only supported within
ancient music notation. See Ancient notation. "

Isn't it sufficient for _usage_?

If reasons for decisions would be discussed/explained the docs would
blow up more and more.

In short, maxima-notes don't happen in _modern_ notation, thus no need
to implement a glyph for it. But Rest or MultiMesureRest may occur in
arbitrary length. In modern notation they are printed assembling
shorter glyphs or as a beam-like line with MultiMeasureRestNumber:
  %% other input, same outcome
  R\maxima *2

So I'm fine with the design-decision.

Otoh, I would have expected
would show a maxima where available and a remark (or something
similar) where not.
I'll think about how to improve this...


This is not exactly true for current versions. See:

For future versions there will be shorter values than 128 available.

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