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Re: Ligatures, lyrics, and other arcana

From: Mark Probert
Subject: Re: Ligatures, lyrics, and other arcana
Date: Sun, 20 Jan 2019 09:39:14 +1100

Hi, Harm.
> Put in the text you wish.
Huh. My assumption was that anything the \lyricmode{ } 
brackets would be treated as separate strings. A newbie
mistake. Thanks!
> In there's the comment about "ligature-flexa"
>           /*
>             flexa requested, check whether allowed:
>             - there should be a previous note
>             - both of the notes must be of brevis shape
>               (i.e. can't be maxima or flexa;
>               longa is forbidden as well - it's nonexistent anyway)
>             - no compulsory flexa for the next note,
>               i.e. it's not an ultimate descending breve
>           */
Huh. When I use [ \breve .. \breve ] I get what I am after (more or 
When I use [ \maxima .. \breve \] I get a warning

  :8: warning: Invalid ligatura ending:
  when the last note is a descending brevis,
  the penultimate note must be another one,
  or the ligatura must be LB or SSB

that reflects this comment. Interesting. 
> But I'm running out of my depth for both, ancient music (what may
> occur and what not) and cc-knowledge.
This is good! Thank you! 

Kind regards 

 .. mark.

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