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Re: select a note in a chord

From: Davide Bonetti
Subject: Re: select a note in a chord
Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2019 17:21:45 +0100
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Ok, now it works well!


Il 28/01/2019 21:11, Valentin Villenave ha scritto:
On 1/28/19, Davide Bonetti <address@hidden> wrote:
It reminds me something that happens when a variable in lilypond is
called with $ instead of # , but in scheme I don't see this difference.
Could it be something like that?
Nope, it turned out to be a lot more idiotic: I was modifying the
'octavation property of some notes… then not taking that into account
when sorting the pitches. (And, as David noted, I was displacing the
pitches onto the notes without moving any articulations they might
have attached.)

Here’s the new updated function, now it sort of works!

#(define-public (move-chord-note n direction)
    (_i "Transpose a note (numbered as @var{n}) by one octave in
    (lambda (music)
      (let* ((elts (ly:music-property music 'elements))
             (l (length elts))
             ;; if direction is up, count from the bottom note upward,
             ;; if direction is down, count from the top note downward.
             (count-from (cond ((= direction UP) (- n 1))
                           ((= direction DOWN) (- l n))))
             ;; Notes may not have been entered from bottom to top;
             ;; extract the pitches and their possible octavation.
             (pitches (map
                       (lambda (x)
                         (let ((oct (ly:music-property x 'octavation))
                               (p (ly:music-property x 'pitch)))
                           (if (null? oct) p
                               (ly:pitch-transpose p
                                 (ly:make-pitch oct 0 0)))))
                        (lambda (y)
                          (music-is-of-type? y 'note-event))
        (if (and (music-is-of-type? music 'event-chord)
                 (not (zero? n)) (>= l n))
             ;; Sort the actual notes, depending on their pitch.
             (set! elts
                   (sort elts
                     (lambda (a b)
                        (ly:music-property a 'pitch)
                        (ly:music-property b 'pitch)))))
             ;; then transpose the note up or
             ;; down, depending on direction.
             (let* ((note (list-ref elts count-from))
                    (oct (ly:music-property note 'octavation)))
               (list-set! elts count-from
                 (ly:music-transpose note
                     ((= direction UP) +1)
                     ((= direction DOWN) -1))
               (ly:music-set-property! note 'octavation
                 (+ (cond
                     ((= direction UP) 1)
                     ((= direction DOWN) -1))
                   (if (null? oct) 0 oct))))


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