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Re: two-way synchronization (live or otherwise) between Lilypond and a D

From: Ivan Kuznetsov
Subject: Re: two-way synchronization (live or otherwise) between Lilypond and a DAW
Date: Mon, 3 Jun 2019 22:47:21 -0500

About four years ago, I did almost all, if not all of your listed
steps with Lilypond and Ardour.

I wrote a multi-voice score in Lilypond, converted the score
to MIDI, loaded this MIDI into Ardour, and then assigned
the various MIDI voices to various synthesis plugins.

The process did include editing the original Lilypond score
and thus creating new MIDI voices that were used
to replace MIDI voices that I had previously imported
into Ardour.

The process worked very well, and I would certainly
work this way again if I needed to do such a project.

On Thu, May 30, 2019 at 3:37 PM Kieren MacMillan
<address@hidden> wrote:
> At the very least, I’d like to hear if anyone has worked out (or even 
> attempted) a workflow like the following:
> 1. Write a Lilypond input file.
> 2. Use Lilypond to generate a MIDI file or files (e.g., one per staff or 
> instrument/staff-group).
> 3. Load those MIDI file(s) into a DAW.
> 4. Make edits to the DAW file (e.g., add a tempo track, modify volumes, etc.).
> and then [this is the critical part!]
> 5. Make a change in the Lilypond input file.
> 6. Use Lilypond to overwrite the associated MIDI files.
> 7. See the changes reflected instantaneously in the DAW, while affecting 
> ("ruining"/"reverting") the least number of changes made in the DAW in Step 
> #4.

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