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DNS issues with LSR

From: Aaron Hill
Subject: DNS issues with LSR
Date: Fri, 07 Jun 2019 02:54:22 -0700
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Hi folks,

Who is the contact point for the LSR, more specifically the individual responsible for their DNS?

There has been a long-standing issue with their name servers that prevent services like CloudFlare from reliably resolving records. But now things are worse, and it seems that is no longer a valid domain. It used to be a CNAME to the A record CloudFlare and Quad9 both fail resolving either the CNAME or A records. Google can resolve just the A record, which currently reports as Using that IP address directly, I can access the LSR; so it seems the web server itself is up and responsive. But these DNS issues need to be looked at.

On a semi-related note, would it be possible to get a mirror of the LSR hosted somewhere like GitHub? Or does such a mirror already exist where one could `git clone` a local copy of the LSR?

-- Aaron Hill

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