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Re: [Lilypond] How to get guitar chords to appear at each bar

From: John Helly
Subject: Re: [Lilypond] How to get guitar chords to appear at each bar
Date: Sun, 9 Jun 2019 17:33:44 -1000
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Mahalo for the reply. 

I think I understand that (regarding chords).  However, I can't get them
to appear at all over the verse or chorus, only the first four measures
in the Intro.  Perhaps it is because I'm using Stanzas?  I've tried
putting the chords in the first stanza and the chorus to no avail.


On 6/9/19 17:12, Tim McNamara wrote:
>> On Jun 9, 2019, at 6:32 PM, John Helly <address@hidden> wrote:
>> Aloha.
>> With various suggestions that I'm very grateful for, I've mostly gotten
>> this guitar and vocal piece to score reasonably.  However, I'm now stuck
>> trying to get the guitar chords to appear over each measure of the
>> verses and chorus.  I've tried a variety of things but they all seem to
>> cause the chords to appear as part of the lyrics.  I may have boxed
>> myself in somehow since I'm still a newbie.
> Is the default is for a chord to appear at its first instance and not in 
> subsequent bars until it changes to a different chord. So if you have four 
> bars of D, you'll get the D chord at the start of the first bar but not the 
> subsequent bars. When it changes to a G chord, you'll get that chord listed 
> and then not again until the next chord change. This is pretty much the norm 
> in guitar charts in general as the page looks very busy and clunky with the 
> same chord being repeated over each bar.
>> Also, I'm getting a console message saying:
>> warning: forced break was overridden by some other event, should you be
>> using bar checks?
>> I'm trying to figure out what this is due to as it may relate to the
>> question above (I guess). 
>> Any suggestions to get out of the box would be appreciated.
> On my charts when that happens, somewhere I have made an error in the 
> duration of a note or a chord. Typically I've got an quarter note notated as 
> an eighth note, for example, or there's a problem with a dotted note. I use 
> Lilypond to create jazz band lead sheets so there is a melody and a chord 
> chart simultaneously; the error can be in either. usually it's a typo- I was 
> typing a number of eighth notes and there was supposed to be a quarter note 
> but I typed it as an eighth note.

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